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Weekend getaway

This past weekend, I got to celebrate Allison’s bachelorette weekend in PCB. We had a great time hanging out together at the house, playing games and just being able to get away for the weekend.
What girls’ trip is complete without a beach photoshoot? None.

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Janterm: Paris

Since I published the pictures from London a couple weeks ago, I figured I shouldn’t leave Paris out. While we studied abroad for Janterm, we had a weekend off. Mollie, Hannah, Brittany and I took an EasyJet flight to Paris. This was my third time in the city, but it was refreshing to experience it with some first-timers. Plus, we were on our own agenda, which made everything even better.

I really played with my shutter speed in Paris, and got some of my favorite pictures from it.

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How is it that I never put my London pictures here? Well, it’s been almost a year, so here’s a little throwback.

Last Janterm (a mini semester at Samford during January), I was lucky enough for my family to fund a couple of the best weeks of my life. I got to study abroad with a bunch of my friends in London, and was even there for New Year’s Eve. We watched the fireworks over the Thames River, right next to Big Ben.

I can’t think of a better place to study art and theatre. I saw a total of eight plays/musicals and went to a ton of museums and historical buildings.

I also set out to make a video of each day’s adventures. It was a lofty goal, and I still haven’t finished, but I’ll include what’s done below.

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Wild Wild West

I’ve never been farther west than Arkansas, but thanks to a grant from the ASPCA, I got to hop on a plane to Tempe, Arizona earlier this month. You’d think I was a kid in a candy store–gawking at every single cactus and mountain. (Seriously, this post could almost be titled “Who knew there were this many types of cacti?”)

When you’re used to the Great Smokies, the bald, sandy peaks look strange. They rose up out of the ground in the middle of this flat desert, which looked so odd.

I stayed just a few yards from Arizona State University. I rented a car and drove to the Grand Canyon, through miles of nothing. I visited the Desert Botanical Garden at sunset, and I got to eat and drink at some of the coolest local restaurants.

This was also the first trip that I have ever taken by myself. That was quite the experience in itself, but my only-child instincts kicked in and I embraced the solitude eventually. That’s not to say I was alone. I forced myself out of my comfort zone and talk to servers, fellow tourists and some locals who introduced me to a side of Tempe that I would’ve never seen.

(Click to enlarge images and view as a slideshow.)

Oh, and if you were wondering about the conference, I learned about leadership and what it takes to make it in the animal welfare world. We debriefed the ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge, which consumed my life this past summer. During that challenge, the GBHS adopted out 1,051 pets in just three months! Go team!

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Andrew & Alexis

I took these pictures back in March (I can’t believe how long ago that was). Andrew asked me, Hannah and Nathan, along with his best friend Tim and Alexis’s cousin Cameron, to help him propose to Alexis. First of all, what an honor to be a part of this day! We had a great time being “found” as Alexis went through the scavenger hunt Andrew planned for her around Sewanee. He was waiting at the last station–this huge cross on an awesome overlook–to pop the question. It couldn’t have been more picturesque, and he added their silly style throughout the hunt.

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Bid Day 2013

I got to attend Bid Day (also known as “Squeal”) at Samford University on Monday, Sept. 13. These pictures should explain the reason for the nick name for those of you who have never been to a Samford Bid Day. You can’t help but smile at the pure joy on the girls’ faces!

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Robert & Mallory

My little, Mallory, is getting married to Robert this weekend! She asked me to take some engagement photos for them. Nathan and I snapped some great shots (I took the ones featured in this post) and Hannah helped with the styling.I’d never taken engagement pictures before, so I was excited to get to experience it. It took some research via Pinterest to set some of these up, but the ones we took on the fly turned out to be some of my favorites.



I got the chance to take photos of some of the sophomores in my sorority for recruitment earlier this semester. They are precious and not camera shy in any way. We went downtown to Morris Avenue to visit the Peanut Depot and check out the train tracks.

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Ellie’s First

My best friend’s niece turned one year old and they threw a circus themed party for her. Her name is Ellie and her room is elephant themed, so this made perfect sense! There was a game of fish pong, where the kids got a chance to win goldfish to take home with them, just like at a fair. The kids faces were priceless when they won a new pet, as were their parents when they were told they were taking home a new fish! As always, I took my dog Millie with me and couldn’t help but include a picture of her. I think my favorite picture of the day is the one where Ellie is hiding behind an iPhone.

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Marketing Farmers

For my Public Relations class, Leslie Graf and I took a little trip down I-65 to check out the Alabama Farmers Market. We are doing a project for them, so we are literally marketing for farmers. Wordplay! But I digress. It was open-air, with friendly people and good-looking fruit & veggies (even though I don’t normally think vegetables look tasty).  The man working there was so fun to talk to. He said he had been working there since 1957, “before you were even thought of!” He attempted to juggle apples for us. I ended up buying those Alabama Grown Golden Delicious apples and I ate two in the hour after I left the market. It’s a miracle my body didn’t reject them after all the bad food it’s used to getting.

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