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Marketing Farmers

For my Public Relations class, Leslie Graf and I took a little trip down I-65 to check out the Alabama Farmers Market. We are doing a project for them, so we are literally marketing for farmers. Wordplay! But I digress. It was open-air, with friendly people and good-looking fruit & veggies (even though I don’t normally think vegetables look tasty).  The man working there was so fun to talk to. He said he had been working there since 1957, “before you were even thought of!” He attempted to juggle apples for us. I ended up buying those Alabama Grown Golden Delicious apples and I ate two in the hour after I left the market. It’s a miracle my body didn’t reject them after all the bad food it’s used to getting.

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Lomography is a trendy type of photography that has become a world-wide phenomenon since it first exploded onto the photography scene in the 1990s. Below are some pictures that I took using both my DSLR and photoshop, and some free apps I downloaded to my iPhone. I carried both around with me for one day and took pictures from my hip, for the most part.

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Rawr Fingasaurs

In photography class, we did a Dollar Tree challenge. We got one item and did a photoshoot with it. Luckily, I found these FingaSaurs and they were pretty great. Mr. Beeson even enjoyed modeling them for me.

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We threw a rave during photography class and captured some cool images with the glowsticks.

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